Emergency Relief Bed

A solution for today’s situation.

FastBeds Emergency Relief Bed
Emergency Relief Bed

We are pleased to be the Western states Distributor for the innovative Fastbeds-na line of products.

The Emergency Relief Bed (EFB-1051) is designed for emergency medical response where mobility and quick setup are a priority. This domestically-built, robust bed is constructed from steel, finished with an impermeable coating.


  • Bed frame: The steel frame of each bed is finished in a durable coating and has a 450 LBS weight capacity. This impermeable coating protects the steel from bad odor, staining, premature degradation and the spreading of bacteria.
  • An adjustable head: Can be tilted to angles of 18°, 30°, 40°, 51°, 62°, 73° which are measured from the bed lying flat.
  • Maximum capacity of 450 LBS.
  • Size:  36″ x 80″ x 6″
    Dimensions include a length of 81”, a width of 37”, and an ideal height of 24” (Measured from the foot to the top of the flat mattress).
  • Mattress Specs
    • 6” Heavy Duty Base Foam – 28 ILD  1.5 lb. Support
    • CPSC – Cal -1633 Compliant
  • Folding design which allows for easy stacking and storage. 
  • Made in the USA.

Shipping Info: All beds and mattresses are packaged individually to ensure there is no damage. Mattresses are shipped in a sealed plastic wrapping.

Model Number: EFB-1051
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